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About Self Guided Walking Tours


What is the aim of Self Guided Walking Tours?

Self guided walking tours have been created to:

  • Increase your awareness and understanding of the places you are visiting
  • Use story telling to enhance the experience and capture your attention and imagination
  • Provide the information in a user friendly, interesting and progressive way
  • Maximise your experience by providing you with a combination of visual and auditory media, compatible with the latest portable technology
  • Compliment other forms of information provision, including guide books and local information sources
  • Provide an inexpensive way to deliver information and raise awareness about places of interest, to as many people as possible

What can you expect from a Self Guided Walking Tour?

Self guided walking tours will endeavor to provide you with:

  • Stories and information based on factual and referenced sources
  • Interesting and memorable stories
  • Prompt and reliable service via our feedback and forums links
  • Safe and secure credit card and payment mechanisms

What are the advantages of a Self Guided Walking Tour?

Using a Self Guided Walking Tour means that you can:

  • Learn more about the places you are visiting, consequently enhancing your travel experience.
  • Do a tour in your own time, at your own pace
  • Do a tour with as many people as you choose
  • Do the tour more than once
  • Replay the stories and information as many times as you would like, never missing a thing
  • Share interesting finds and photos with other Self Guided Walking Tour users on the website
  • Have plenty of money left in your pocket at the end of an entertaining and stimulating day

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